Products & Services

To break the import and export trade barriers in the feed industry, the center not only provides FAMI-QS, GMP+, BRC,IFS, FDA and other certification registration, but also provides enterprises with legal interpretation and compliance consultation on the registration of imported and exported feed and feed additive products (pet feed), mixed feed additives, and preparations.

Import Registration

Initial registration, renewal registration, change registration, pet food labeling business, relevant announcements of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, documents of the General Administration of customs.

Export registration

Requirements for registration documents in various countries, preparation and modification of export registration documents, seal of free sales certificate, and certification of consulates in various countries.

Certification services

Common problem

For products specially processed and exported according to the foreign trade contract, compulsory certification may not be applied for, but the remaining products that have not been exported for some reason will not be allowed to enter the market unless CCC certification is obtained.

Provide the registration, certification and filing of products of global import and export enterprises, and provide detailed interpretation and evaluation of laws, regulations, policies and processes for relevant enterprises to legally enter the markets of other countries.

All products exported to the EU need relevant certification requirements, otherwise customers cannot clear customs. The main certification requirements are as follows: Europe CE certification, Europe ROHS certification, reach testing, EN71, etc